Book A Party

Book A Party

Are you having a special event coming soon?

We need to know all about your event to reach maximum success.

How did You Hear About Us?

Facebook, internet search, marketing flyer, nightclub, or special event.

Was our website helpful?

We would like to know if you found something useful to know or something we are missing that you should know?

Where are you having your event?

What time is the event? How much setup time do we have? We love to travel? Distances greater than an hour are important to know in a city that has the potential for lots of traffic congestion.

Can You Provide a Breakdown on who will be attending Your event?

How many guests in total are attending, and what is the breakdown between family and friends? Is this a dancing crowd? If you want smart recommendations we need to know?

What Level of Interaction do you want from your DJ/MC?

Laid-back and cool, over the top, straight sophistication, maybe a pajama party? Would you consider yourselves introverts or extroverts?

What are Some of Your Favorite and Least Favorite Styles of Music?

One size does not fit all. Music is such a unique experience. Should the DJ keeps guests dancing or execute your entire musical playlist? DJ’s take their work seriously. Maintaining a professional reputation a DJ would not deliberately ignore a client’s playlist without checking in with the client first. Let’s say that guests are not responding to some of the selected songs, does the DJ have your permission to expand the set to songs that in his professional opinion will work?

Planning during the event?

Who is responsible at the event to make sure the DJ doesn’t have to deal with a guest that’s intoxicated or children requesting songs that maybe inappropriate for their age. A guest could become a distraction to the DJ or Emcee.

How do you plan to pay for the event?

All at once payment, half upfront, or monthly installments? An installment is required to reserve the date and time.


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